Hanging Gardens

The “Hanging Gardens

Lining practically every vertical surface in this part of town are flower boxes bursting with every bloom in the region. Likewise each rooftop is a garden, and every garden has its own apiary. People come for miles around for the honey from the elflings of Kowal. It is said that some honey farmers don’t even want money for it, preferring to receive exotic flower seeds in trade!

The Hanging Gardens are located less than half a days march from Kowal, to the West. 

Alfiren homes

Many of the homes in this part of town are woven from saplings— some have become great trees! Some of their human neighbors find it an appalling eyesore, and have petitioned the Baron to do something about it. However, the elflings bring their share of economic prosperity to the city, so though their status remains fairly low, they are mainly left to their own devices. Or perhaps it’s just because the Baron worries the elflings’ retaliatory “jokes” would be more trouble than having more uniform housing is worth?

“The Community Project”

There’s a… thing… in the middle of the Town Circle of the Alfiren section of town. What kind of a thing? Well, it’s a thing they’re building! To foster community! But what IS it? Is it a sculpture? Is it a machine? Is it magic? Is it some kind of furniture? A ladder to the sky? Who knows!!!? …Well, possibly not even the elflings. But anyone is welcome to work on it!

The Night-Song

At the close of each day, most of the elflings gather in the Town Circle, around the Community Project, or even just where they happen to be standing and through whatever they’re doing, and sing. It’s in Fey, hard to tell whether it’s one long, intricate song, or maybe many different songs, and it sounds slightly different each night. It seems to be a spontaneous thing, yet everyone who sings goes at it as if they know it by heart! Or perhaps it just comes from the heart. Either way, it’s a thing of wonder to an outsider.

Figures of note:

Grandmother Jynnxennlya Krythixynn – Oversees the Alfiren community in Kowal. She settles disputes, and is everyone’s mom. If there’s a ruler— which there’s not!!!— it’s her. Her garments are brown and grey, like the bark of trees that make their houses, which she may usually be found singing to “to help them grow!”

Grandfather Kragmaddler Wondybblephax – Deals with the Big Folk of Kawall, mainly in settling trading disputes or in negotiating the release of a jocular elfling from “Big Folk” Jail for mere youthful high spirits! He carries a knobbly walking stick and wears layers of brightly-colored cloth, as if taking the Alfiren gardens with him wherever he goes.

Author and creator of the Hanging Gardens: Melissa Gay

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