The proper name for the “Wilde Elves”. also see Dwimarvari.

The Anarvari (Wilde Elves)

The Anarvari are a nomadic people. They are herders and merchants, entertainers and hunters. Many of our people have heard legends of the great Wilde elves, who hunt the giant kyzk, but the truth is that most of the Anarvari tribes sustain themselves on their herds of anks, large desert creatures that produce a honey-like substance that they store in sacks around their throats. Traveling the desert, looking for places for their herds to graze, they mostly keep to themselves, though some tribes have become renowned traders. Generally non-violent, the stories of them ransacking towns in the southlands are merely the fanciful stories of country-folk, frightened by the re-emergence of such a foreign people, and quick to blame every misfortune that befalls them on the newcomers.

The Anarvari live in extended family units within a clan, sharing possessions with their larger tribal family. Most live in large round tents, but some tribes live in giant caravan wagons, pulled by orillots. These huge mammals are another domesticated animal of the south, which have armor plating on their backs and form strong bonds to their owners. The Anarvari say they originally trained our own kind in the distant past to care for these giant creatures. In the Ishian Empire, you can find nobles traveling from city to city in giant ornate wagons pulled by a team of orillots—a remnant of what we learned from the elves so long ago.

The Anarvari do not have close relations with other elven nations, keeping to themselves in the southern lands.

The Lands of the Anarvari

In current days, the Anarvari live in the Wildelands between the Kaelnor Forest and the Jal Dur desert. Some tribes still cling to the steppes of the western end of the Wildelands, though most tribes travel back and forth in the plains with their herds of domesticated animals.

The Wildelands is an arid area, covered in short grass and small spindly trees. The flat landscape is broken only occasionally by rock outcroppings or buttes. During the day, the sun warms the plains, but at night, the temperature drops considerably.

No kingdom claims the Wildelands, though the Teredeki elflings have lands in the northwest, and Southkeep is on the border between the Wildelands and the Jaldur desert.

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