• Statistics: Crime 1; Danger 1; Economy 2; Law 5; Knowledge 4; Magic 2
  • Highest Stat is 10, lowest 1 
  • Size: Village
  • Government: Mayoral, Under Uthgard Aristocracy
  • Economic System: Capitalist
  • Population: 167


Notable NPC’s:

Krasmir Praks – Mayor, Loyal to his villagers. Dislikes Uthgard and Fort Utliest. Owner of the Pewter Pot. 

Venbon the Ferryman

Notable Places:

The Pewter Pot – tavern, apothecary, library, and inn. 4 stories: 1st is tavern, 2nd is rental rooms, 3 and 4 are private residences. 

Krasmir and Bozena Praks – Owner

The wood of this inn is old and gray. Small lanterns fill the cramped but cozy hall. All tye walls, doors and shelves seem slightly off kilter, but this gives it a homey feel. A long bar along the back wall runs the length of the building. The shelves behind the bar are littered with bottles of all shapes. The rest if the walls have shelves lined with books. 

Bozena has copies of the Creature Compendium I and a hand-made copy of the Creature Compendium II. 

The Pewter Pot

The general store and black smithy

Olivera Vilkowske – Owner


60% purchase

100% cost

Red Guard

The Red Guard were formed from a faction of Kowal city guards loyal to a well respected guardsman named Damien. In the past 20 years, Damien has shaped the Red Guard into it’s own power within the city.

The Red Guard are strictly anti-magic and have lead hunts for magic users for the past 5 years, often ending in public executions.

Some feel the Red Guard are more powerful than the Baron in the current day, and the sight of their red armor sends many into a panic.

Sascha’s Storehouse

The Storehouse is the best place in Kowal to unload goods found in the ruins and wilds of Uteria. Its proprietor, Sascha, is well known throughout Kowal.

Sascha is an ex-adventurer, who settled Kowal from the far lands of northern Uthgard after meeting his wife. He doesn’t miss his adventuring days, “too much walking” he always says. But by running his “storehouse” he still gets to play with all the trinkets and toys the adventurers bring in to trade and sell.

He is very knowledgeable, but can be a little irritable, cursing at his patrons in the Uthgard language if they get out of hand or ask too much for a “bauble”.

He is a collector of games, loving to experience new ways to test his strategic mind.  The quickest way to this mans heart is a new game with good rules, and a glass of vanilla flavored liquor. Though watch out if the dice or games of chance are not going his way, prices may double on anything needed by those who best him in a game of chance.

Society of Librarians

The Society of Librarians is a very secret underground society in the Kowal region that believe that now that magic and magical creatures are back, the only way to survive in the long run is to relearn the forgotten use of magic. To that end, they formed an open “Society of Librarians” who travel the region collecting and unearthing lost books. As a cover, they recover ANY lost books they can find, and restore them and set acolytes to copying them by hand to be distributed throughout the land to libraries and book stores in each of the larger cities. But their true purpose is to unearth lost tomes on magic or lost scrolls that have not been used, so as to study them. In top secret hidden locations, they meet, with wylders and luminars alike to trade knowledge and learn spells from one another. A wylder can request someone who knows a particular spell they want to learn to cast it so they can observe and try to learn and memorize it. They do believe there are spells that should be disallowed, and are protective of certain dark magics they have come across, and do not teach those that they believe could destroy the world again. These are either destroyed or locked away for future study.

The Broken Chip

The Broken Chip is a small gambling den on the edges of Dwarf Town.

The Den

The Den is the nickname for the Wanderers Hall in Kowal. The guildmaster in Kowal is Martyn Czemiel, a charismatic, if flamboyant man. His lieutenant is Garric Loshuul a quiet but friendly man. Both have retired from “the road” and happily help others find their calling in the wilds.

The Den is a welcoming place, everything inside made of old polished wood, and the fire is always burning. If you have a Wanderers Coin, then you are always welcome, and there is plenty of space in the common room or the upstairs to pass the cold Kowal nights.

Some say that there are a couple of secret passages in the den that lead not just into the sewers of Kowal, but deeper, into the darker underpass of Atheles. Of course, Martyn and Garric just laugh when anyone asks about them.

The Den - First Floor

The Den – First Floor


Uthgard is the kingdom of the North East lands of Atheles.

It is currently ruled by a young king, Gundram Baleband,  who has aligned himself with the Orovari. The cold winters have left his people starving, and he looks to expand his powers to the South to gain farmlands and taxes.


Southwest – Duchy of Ornund