House Bleigh

House Bleigh is the second oldest house in Ferryport after House Bale. They have long traded in goods with the far north, with strong ties to the Mideon Kingdom. House Bleigh is headed by Vitus Bleigh, whose family comes from old money. He is quite beside himself at the loss of Jaeldor’s Pride, perhaps even more so than the loss of his nephew Timoth, as it is one of the finest ships on the Aerlon. He purchased the ship from a retiring merchant in Jaeldor, who had no heir.

High Administrator Toff

Aldaria Toff is the high administrator and accountant for the Merchant Guild. She has authority to interview prospective mercenaries or adventurers who respond to their offer.


Toff is a middle-aged woman with brown skin, dark hair and even darker eyes. She wears a dress that looks like it is formed of one continuous colorful bolt of cloth, wound around her body. If stats are needed, use ”Townsperson – Human Commoner 2” listed in the NPC Gallery.


Toff moved here from the East decades ago and has earned her respected position as high administrator and accountant for the Ferryport Merchant Guild, composed of the nine major merchant houses.


Toff is a very lawful individual. Though she has not learned of Glycyn’s involvement in the ship disappearances, if she hears of it, she will not hesitate to report him to the guild. The well being of the guild as a whole is her main concern, and she will not turn a blind eye to unlawful activity by any guild members or houses. That being said, she will generally recommend that matters be taken care of internally, rather than involve the law. To her, guild law is a higher law than that of whatever ruler may be sitting on a throne at any given time.

The Muddy Bank Ship Company

Led by Betrice Almorrow, the Muddy Bank Ship Company has flourished under her. It had always been one of the smallest merchant companies in the city, but Betrice has aggressively pursued all paths to bigger profits. She has formed many connections in Jaeldor and hopes to open a sister office in the large city.

Gonzali Merchant Family

The Gonzali Family come from the southern part of Ish, the port town of Merata. They run most of the merchandise from Ish into the Westlands. They also own a large portion of the Oriilot farms along the river.

House Glycyn

The family that has ruled Ferryport for the past 600 years.

Merchant House Glycyn

Korin Gylcyn is currently the head of the Dockmaster’s Guild and his merchant house has been quite profitable since he became guildmaster. He has his hands in everything that comes and goes through the docks of Ferryport.