Race: Human Age 51
Class: Fighter 4
Challenge Rating: 3
Size: Medium
Initiative: +1

Hit Points: 38
Armor Class: 17, touch 11, flat-footed 16
Saves: Fort +7 Ref +5 Will +2
Weakness: Hurt ankle (slower movement, can not travel over long distances)

Speed: 25
Base Attack: +4
Melee: Mace +6 (1d6+2)
Ranged: —
Special Attacks:
Mana: —

Abilities: STR 14, DEX 12, CON 15, INT 13, WIS 11, CHA 10
Skills: Acrobatics +2, Athletics +4, Awareness +4, Endurance +5, Knowledge +3, Persuasion +3, Spellcraft –, Survival +1, Thievery +2
Talents: Investigator
Special Qualities: —


Helfen traveled as a caravan guard before he joined the Wanderers. He was not a thrill-seeker and worked mainly as a guard for Wanderer tasks. As soon as a way arose for him to get off the road, he jumped at the position. During the rebuilding of Elmhearth, he fell from the second story and severely damaged his ankle.

Optimistic, Hard-working, Rigid

High Administrator Toff

Aldaria Toff is the high administrator and accountant for the Merchant Guild. She has authority to interview prospective mercenaries or adventurers who respond to their offer.


Toff is a middle-aged woman with brown skin, dark hair and even darker eyes. She wears a dress that looks like it is formed of one continuous colorful bolt of cloth, wound around her body. If stats are needed, use ”Townsperson – Human Commoner 2” listed in the NPC Gallery.


Toff moved here from the East decades ago and has earned her respected position as high administrator and accountant for the Ferryport Merchant Guild, composed of the nine major merchant houses.


Toff is a very lawful individual. Though she has not learned of Glycyn’s involvement in the ship disappearances, if she hears of it, she will not hesitate to report him to the guild. The well being of the guild as a whole is her main concern, and she will not turn a blind eye to unlawful activity by any guild members or houses. That being said, she will generally recommend that matters be taken care of internally, rather than involve the law. To her, guild law is a higher law than that of whatever ruler may be sitting on a throne at any given time.

House Bale

House Bale is one of the oldest merchant houses in Ferryport. They do not specialize in anything, instead having their hands in a little bit of everything. The current head of the family, Wain Bale, is a good looking man, loved by his family and workers. He can be a bit reclusive, but he never misses an event in Ferryport. He is one of the most vocal opponents to another Lordship, instead aligning with Silas Monta in forming a council to rule the city state.

Heathas Glycyn has been a guest of this house since her husband was deposed. Filac was an unhappy, unfriendly man, and she has disavowed his name and title and now goes by her maiden name, Heathas Lachnoran. (Due to his opposition to Filac Glycyn’s return to Lordship, and because his family is harboring Filac’s “traitorous” wife, Bale’s company his been the main target of Korin Glycyn’s piracy plot.)

House Bleigh

House Bleigh is the second oldest house in Ferryport after House Bale. They have long traded in goods with the far north, with strong ties to the Mideon Kingdom. House Bleigh is headed by Vitus Bleigh, whose family comes from old money. He is quite beside himself at the loss of Jaeldor’s Pride, perhaps even more so than the loss of his nephew Timoth, as it is one of the finest ships on the Aerlon. He purchased the ship from a retiring merchant in Jaeldor, who had no heir.

House Glycyn

The family that has ruled Ferryport for the past 600 years.

Merchant House Glycyn

Korin Gylcyn is currently the head of the Dockmaster’s Guild and his merchant house has been quite profitable since he became guildmaster. He has his hands in everything that comes and goes through the docks of Ferryport.

House Ka’dal

A millennia ago, House Ka’Dal was the group of Orovari who broke from the Elves and fought with Kaldrath when he lead his genocide against the other Eldar. They served him faithfully until he was defeated by a coalition of elves, fauns, and other fey. House Ka’Dal was banished north with the other races who fought alongside Kaldrath. There the clan broke apart due to infighting and the clan nations of the Orovari were formed in the frozen North.

In more recent days, the House reemerged about 1,00o years ago and banded together many clans of the Orovari. Ka’Dal allied itself with Uthgard as Olaekin Baleband lead a war against the Aradan Kingdom. After the war, the Disappearance occurred and all elves and fey disappeared mysteriously from the lands of Atheles.

30 years ago magic began to return, and with magic came the elves and the fey. Once again the hollow star banner of Ka’Dal was raised in the North and many flocked to its banner. They gathered their warriors and looked to the fertile, warmer lands to the south.



Human: +1 to any score

The most diverse race. Average lifespan is 60 years, though it is said that those of the Aradan kingdom lived longer (this is due to magic and medicine leading to fewer diseases and less sickness). They spread over Uteria more quickly than any race. The average family has 4-7 children—though many die of disease—causing their population to thrive and spread over the lands. The human population was decimated after the war, 700 years ago, but has now begun to thrive again, filling the cities and lands of the past.

Hunt Brothers Caravans

The Hunt Brothers were traveling guards who formed a trade company that specializes in large caravans that are heavily guarded. On high risk targets, the brothers are still willing to travel themselves with the caravan.