Blehr Theater

This Bordon theater is famous for its elaborate dramatic performances. It is a massive three-story wooden building inhabiting most of a city block near the center of the city.

Formerly owned by Mirkai Blehr, it has since been remodeled after a mysterious fire destroyed most of the building, and is now run by powerful members of the Sworn.


Small, mischevious creatures who enjoy harassing and harming the other races of Uteria.

Boggarts are the creatures behind so many myths. These short two foot tall saucer-eyed monsters have been called many things – gremlins, kobolds, sprites, or bogeys. They lurk anywhere it is dark and filthy. They use crude tools or their hands to scrounge and scavenge for food and treasure.

They dislike most other creatures and will be a mild nuisance to violent aggressor to the other races of Uteria. They lurk in the dark, attack when people are asleep or hurt, and steal or destroy the belongings of others. They are blamed for a wide range of problems from broken wagon wheels to stolen chickens.


Challenge Rating: 1/4

Size: Small

Type: Humanoid (goblinoid)

Initiative: +3



Hit Points: 4 (1HD)

Armor Class: 16, touch 13, Flat footed 13 (+2 armor, +3 dex, +1 size)

Saves: Fort +1 Ref +4 Will -1

Weaknesses: Bright light



Speed: 20’ Climb 20’

Base Attack: +1

Melee: Rusted Dagger, +0 (1d4-1, crit: 19-20)

Ranged: sling +4 (1d3-1)

Special Attacks:  —

Sanity Effects: —



Abilities: STR 9, DEX 16, CON 10, INT 8, WIS 9, CHA 8

Skills: Acrobatics +3, Athletics -1,  Awareness -1, Endurance +0, Knowledge -2, Persuasion -2, Spellcraft –, Survival -1, Thievery +3 (+5 on hiding or moving silently)

Talents: 1 point or recommended: Stealthy

Special Qualities: Darkvision 60’



Environment: Underground, Marsh, Sewers

Organization: Solitary, pair, swarm, tribe


Treasure: Standard

Bright light: If a boggart is exposed to light brighter than a torch, it fights at a -2 to hit, and its awareness is dropped by -2.

Bone Alliance

The Bone Alliance is whispered of by those who fear conspiracies around every corner. Naughty children are often coerced with the threat of being carried off by the “Bone Witches” if they misbehave. Most believe they are just stories, but the Bone Alliance is very real. They pursue and gather the old knowledge of spellcraft and attempt to keep it out of the hands of those who would control adepts of magic for their own gain.

Their name is taken from a historic band of outlaw mages who fought against the Magi of the West hundreds of years in the past.


bordonGuardian of the West, Bordon sits within the Swordspine mountains, keeping watch over the largest pass between the east and west. It is quite impressive to see first hand. Nestled in a valley, its brown walls stand over 150 feet tall and 30 feet wide at the base, pierced by a single entrance. The gates of Bordon stand 25 feet tall, and are made of the same stonework as the walls. Reliefs of battles fought and won are carved from top to bottom in the doors. The walls and much of the city were crafted by the dwarves of Greyhelm.

From Crossroads of the Never


Bordon was built mostly by the dwarves as a military city, guarding the passageway between East and West, so other than the artistry of those three stone tributes to ancient warriors that stand outside the gates, most of what you see is utilitarian in nature. There is very little that did not once serve some purpose. Many deride it for its lack of aesthetics, but I believe it tells us much about our ancestors. If nothing is built without purpose, then everything built can tell you something about its creators. There is a deep honesty in such practical masonry.

And yet, despite its plainness, its grandness is undeniable. Everything you see is massive in scale, as if built to house a civilization of giants. It is overwhelming, and can make a person feel small.

The most beautiful part of Bordon, however, is its incredible mountainous backdrop, which is the most gorgeous wonder of nature I’ve encountered. The gray mountains reach far into the sky, dotted and lined with trees that turn a multitude of colors in the fall. Creeks and waterfalls abound, winding their way through canyons and valleys. Natural springs sparkle in the sun and provide crystal clear water like none you have ever tasted. The highest white-capped peaks often stab through the thick, roiling clouds above.

Cat’s Herbs

A small shop in the Northeastern part of Kowal, it is across from Hynes Park. It is a both a storefront and the home of the Katniks. They make all sorts of poultices, herbal remedies, and potions. They all work with varying degrees of success.
You approach a small two story building, its foundation solid, but the whole structure leans back and forth as if the builder has been drunk. The windows are all covered in glass, a rare commodity, but they are yellowed from the inside. You open the crooked door and the smells of herbs and incense hit you.

Bottle, vials, and pouches hang everywhere. Herbs hang drying in every available space. 4 different cats lounge in various places about the small shop. A tall broad man, with hunched shoulders and small glass walks to the front counter.

“Well, ahhh, hello there. What might you need?” His accent is thick.

Behind him a woman, looks up from grinding something into a bright purple powder. Her eyes are kind and her smile welcoming.

Bojana and Rocard Katnik


  • Rocard: STR 10, DEX 10, Con 12, INT 17, WIS 8, CHA 9
  • Bojana: STR 9, DEX 8, CON 10, INT 14, WIS 15, CHA 13

Items for sale:

Alchemist Fire 10gp
Healing Salve 30gp
Lamp Oil 1sp
Tallow from an unmated male pig 1gp

Children of the Light

Some in the city do not like the Baron aligning with the North. They have formed a resistance to this and protest in the streets. They mark houses and buildings with graffiti. They attack elves and other non humans. They have strong leadership and funding, but no one knows who pulls the strings.
When seen, they wear silver masks that look like demons, mimicking and ridiculing the masks that the Orovari wear.

Church of the One

Besides Rivenhall castle, the church is the largest building in Ferryport. While most of the deities of Uteria are represented there, it looks to the Creator as it’s patron god. During the crusades of the Knights of Valetta, most places of worship in the West became focused on the Creator. Long gone are small churches with multiple deities, spirits, and local beliefs, replaced by a watchful Creator who is best honored with gold, prayers, and obedience. The Church is run by Archpriest Prilimos, who is quite influential within the city walls.

Creature Compendium

Creature Compendium: A Guide to Hunting the Monsters and Creatures of Atheles

by Etahn Belbane and Delgon

  1. Angroll
  2. Ank
  3. Ankheg
  4. Apparition
  5. Ashiron
  6. Babau
  7. Basilisk
  8. Beelzebuf
  9. Beh’ul
  10. Boggart
  11. Bulette
  12. Cat
  13. Centipede
  14. Cockatrice
  15. Devouring Ooze
  16. Dire Rat
  17. Dog
  18. Drake
  19. Drekava
  20. Dretch
  21. Drogga
  22. Drueglem
  23. Dryad
  24. Dwarf
  25. Dwarven Drone
  26. Earth Wraith
  27. Elf
  28. Elfling
  29. Ettercap
  30. Ettin
  31. Frost Worm
  32. Ghoul
  33. Glimmer Worm
  34. Goblin
  35. Arnach Goblin
  36. Clay Golem
  37. Flesh Golem
  38. Lesser Flesh Golem
  39. Iron Golem
  40. Root Golem
  41. Stone Golem
  42. Gorgalug
  43. Gnoll
  44. Green Hag
  45. Grelm
  46. Griffon
  47. Hell Hound
  48. Hezrou
  49. Horse
  50. Hulking Horror
  51. Human
  52. Imp
  53. Kira
  54. Kuduu
  55. Kyzk
  56. Lakava
  57. Lich
  58. Merfolk
  59. Miglin
  60. Minotaur
  61. Mummy
  62. Nachzur
  63. Night Hag
  64. Nightcat
  65. Nygotha
  66. Ogre
  67. Orillot
  68. Orlock
  69. Orog
  70. Orovari Warrior
  71. Orvocorpse
  72. Otyugh
  73. Phase Cat
  74. Pseudodragon
  75. Pyrg
  76. Ravenous Corpse
  77. Reaver
  78. Red Howler
  79. Redcap
  80. Sarap
  81. Sea Hag
  82. Sirin
  83. Skeleton
  84. Skeleton, Eldar
  85. Spiders
  86. Succubus
  87. Tendril Wurm
  88. Tentacle Crawler
  89. Thundrom
  90. Unman
  91. Upir
  92. Varag
  93. Vorg
  94. Wight
  95. Wolf
  96. Wyvere
  97. Zombie

Creature by Challenge Rating (CR):




Centipede, Giant

Dire Rat





Goblin, Arnach
















Skeleton, Eldar

Spider, Death’s Eye








Glimmer Worm


Night Cat

Ravenous Corpse










Devouring Ooze



Dwarven Drone

Earth Wraith


Golem, Root

Gorgalug, Adolescent




Red Howler

Sirin Eldar




Golem, Lesser Flesh






Phase Cat

Sea Hag

Tentacle Crawler






Green Hag



Tendril Wurm














Golem, Flesh

Hulking Horror








Night Hag



Golem, Clay




Golem, Stone





Frost Worm



Golem, Iron

Cutlass Tavern

A seedy bar located by the Seagull Bay, where most of the docks of Ferryport are located. This is a hole in the wall drinking spot with an assorted patronage of mostly villains and cutthroats.


Dael is a very old blind man. He is weak, and has never adventured until now—this is his very first. He is out of shape and suffers from myriad aches and pains, though he does move around well enough.

He was born without vision, though his hearing is exceptional, and he feels a deep connection with music, particularly rhythm. When he was a child, he would beat rhythmically on items around the house, until his parents bought him a drum. Using his drum, and beating varying rhythms, he learned that he could control the moods of the people around him. He could help them sleep. He could give them and himself surges of energy. It was a subtle gift, but he found it to be powerful as he learned to give small nudges to himself and the people around him as necessary. For this reason, though he never became a man of means, he always survived handily. He is resourceful, and knows how to shift people’s psychological states to help get them through their rough periods.


His parents died of plague when he was a child. When he became an adult, he married, then had a son. A decade ago, his son died in a hunting accident. Then, several months ago, his wife died of natural causes, as she, like him, had grown quite old. It was too late for him to start a new family, and he could not just sit around an empty house, singing along with his drum to no other ears but his own. So he left and began to wander until he found a group of people on an important quest. They recognized his resourcefulness and asked him to join them. They warned him of the danger, but he had nothing to lose, and hoped that if he were to die, it would be while helping others, and preferably with some excitement.

Dael hums to find his way around places, it slows him down, but less than you would imagine. The hum is quiet, most people don’t even notice he is doing it.

Disadvantage: Deaf – Slows speed to 20?, -3 to melee attack.
Advantage: Darkvision 30?, Immune to darkness and blindness magic.