House Bleigh

House Bleigh is the second oldest house in Ferryport after House Bale. They have long traded in goods with the far north, with strong ties to the Mideon Kingdom. House Bleigh is headed by Vitus Bleigh, whose family comes from old money. He is quite beside himself at the loss of Jaeldor’s Pride, perhaps even more so than the loss of his nephew Timoth, as it is one of the finest ships on the Aerlon. He purchased the ship from a retiring merchant in Jaeldor, who had no heir.

High Administrator Toff

Aldaria Toff is the high administrator and accountant for the Merchant Guild. She has authority to interview prospective mercenaries or adventurers who respond to their offer.


Toff is a middle-aged woman with brown skin, dark hair and even darker eyes. She wears a dress that looks like it is formed of one continuous colorful bolt of cloth, wound around her body. If stats are needed, use ”Townsperson – Human Commoner 2” listed in the NPC Gallery.


Toff moved here from the East decades ago and has earned her respected position as high administrator and accountant for the Ferryport Merchant Guild, composed of the nine major merchant houses.


Toff is a very lawful individual. Though she has not learned of Glycyn’s involvement in the ship disappearances, if she hears of it, she will not hesitate to report him to the guild. The well being of the guild as a whole is her main concern, and she will not turn a blind eye to unlawful activity by any guild members or houses. That being said, she will generally recommend that matters be taken care of internally, rather than involve the law. To her, guild law is a higher law than that of whatever ruler may be sitting on a throne at any given time.

The Hovel

The meeting hall for the Wanderers, lovingly called the Hovel, is nothing short of a pieced together fortress in its own right. Originally the Wanderers used a small one story building as its headquarters, but over the years, they have purchased the surrounding properties, building and renovating until it has become a massive complex of varying levels, alleys, and courtyards. If you are a Wanderer, there is always a place to stay in the myriad of rooms in the Hovel.

Dirt Market

The Marketplace of Fish Town is called the Dirt Market by most, since the square was never properly cobbled. The large, open area is crowded, with dirty tents and wagons selling all variety of junk. The market’s mood can vary greatly, with the weather playing a large part. When it is rainy, the walkways turn to deep mud, while on a dry day, the dust can choke vendors and patrons.

Gray Market

Ferryport is a port town. Everything that enters the harbor for sale has its tariffs and taxes applied before it leaves the ship. But things often find their way into the city by other means, bypassing those legal fees. The Grey Market is how those smugglers offload wares. It is never in the same place twice, often switching from derelict house to derelict house in Fish Town. Some believe that the Kantori family runs the Gray Market, but no one has ever proven these accusations.

For all the things that can be found in the city’s main markets, some things are better bought in the shadows. The Gray Market is where these things can be found for the right price . . . if you can find it. The Market is located in the sewers below Fish Town. The right amount of silver coins in the right hands will open the way for those seeking hard to find or illegal merchandise.

Red Snapper

The best known brothel in the northern part of the city. Many of Ferryport’s secrets have passed through these doors. The building is painted with a loud assortment of colors, and the base of the building is a bright red. A sign with two large, seductive blue eyes hangs above the door, but all the locals call it the Red Snapper: a joke relating to a fish commonly caught in the local waters which is known for its large mouth. Mistress Pattaria currently runs the place, and though she looks to elevate herself and her ladies in the eyes of the city, she knows that her primary income comes from those of less power and money.