Aeric and Iyana

It was during the reign of the Warlock King in which the story of Aeric and Iyana took place. Though it was dark in these times, they found a strength and love in each other that held them together through the tumultuous challenges ahead.


During the middle of the third age of Uteria, the eastern lands were ruled by two kingdoms, that of Pardalor and that of Selar Dor. Along the northern borders of Selardor there was a small duchy ruled by Duke Aekris Dernhaim. This small province was often plagued by the roaming creatures of the wilder lands to the north. Also during this time the first patrols of Pardalor probed the boundaries of its kingdom and the soldiers of Dernhaim often found themselves chasing patrols of dark clad scouts from the forests and plains. In the area, the land was worn and not as prosperous as that of the south, but the inhabitants made due, tilling they soil and producing enough.


The mind of Duke Aekris was troubled by his northern border, often sending his son with riders to patrol this savage land. The Duke’s son, Aeric, was of a different blood than his father. His father was stern and short with those around him, often judging situations by the surface, while he was quiet and thoughtful. His father spent his time engrossed in the affairs of his duchy and holding audience with his officials. While Aeric held his station with honor, he did not wish to become a ruler, nor did he enjoy the strict rules that came with the ruling class. He often found himself at odds with his father’s views, and often times their communications were no deeper than those Aekris held with his officials. But Aeric was the only child of his parents, so his lot was cast and he was to uphold the honor and loyalty of the duchy. As such, even with the eminent danger he enjoyed the long journeys and patrols in the wild lands.


During the fall of his twenty-forth year he was abroad to the north, spending time alone among the paths where he preferred to be. His father approved of this, thinking his son would find strength and hardiness patrolling the area. It was near dusk, and the last rays of light turned the trees around him a glowing orange when the sound of song caught his attention. It was unlike anything he had heard before, at first thinking it was just the rustling of leaves in a cool breeze. This melody lighted his heart and started a fire within his mind and heart that he must find the source of it. He walked from the path into the darkening wood, thought the twisted vines and roots until he stumbled on the origin of the melody. In the forest ahead, a woman knelt before a small sapling. The tiny trees branches were brown and gnarled, its leaves gone to early in the fall. Her hands touched the earth around it, while she continued to hum the tune. In the twilight of dusk it seemed her hands had a halo of yellow and that the small tree righted itself, its branches becoming a bit less twisted and its few leaves uncurling.

A branch snapped in two under Aeric’s foot and the melody faltered for a moment and she turned to face him her hand on a small sword. Their eyes met and she let her hand fall from the blade. Her eyes were a mixture of the green of spring leaves and the blue of a clear sky. She turned back to her work, and Aeric sat down to the side of her and watched. When she finished her song she wiped her hands on her pants and turned to Aeric with a smile. It was then he noticed her small horns and pointed ears. She was of the faun, a race of people who lived close to the land and viewed themselves as the healers and protectors of the land. No word was spoken, but each looked at each other with half smiles and open eyes.

Among her people she was counted most fair, and was a reminder of the older days when things were young and all was fairer, as if a soft veil of light clothed the world. Her beauty was not ethereal as that of the elves, but more that of the soil and plants of spring, new, strong, and full of life. It was these qualities her people held most high, and she seemed to embody them as if blessed.

The song of Iyana hung in the air and called to Aeric as if by a spell.

It is a sweet longing because it is one that I feel is shared. A longing that the breadth of a continent can not dull. There is the longing of something that we can not attain, or that we wish to attain, and there is a longing for something that you have held in your hands or arms and want to have it near, to grow with it and be strong for it, or have it hold you up when needed.

to be continued…

Alchemical Items

Acid – Corrosive acids deals 1d6 points of damage per round of exposure except in the case of total immersion (such as into a vat of acid), which deals 10d6 points of damage per round. You can throw a flask of acid as a splash weapon. Treat this attack as a ranged touch attack with a range increment of 10 feet. A direct hit deals 1d6 points of acid damage. Every creature within 5 feet of the point where the acid hits takes 1 point of acid damage from the splash. 10gp

Alchemist Fire – A grenade weapon, it explodes and does 1d6 damage to the target and 2 points of damage to all within 5’. The target is on fire and will continue to take 1d6 damage until they spend 1 action to put themselves out. 12gp

Antitoxin – 30gp

Healing Salve – When the salve is applied over wound, it greatly accelerates the healing process. Heal 1d6. Takes one full round to apply. 25gp

Lamp Oil – 1sp


The proper name for Elflings.

Alveon’s Alchemical Shop

Alveon’s Shop is located in the Noble Quarter and is known for a variety of wares. While his potions and salves have healed many, the rich of Ferryport look to Alveon for his wines. Alveon himself is a strange fellow. Tall and angular, he often seems like he is laughing at you as he peers over his round glasses. No one is sure of his exact age, but he looks to be between thirty and forty summers. No one remembers a time when his shop wasn’t open in the quarter, and some rumors say that he resembles his father so much they may be the same person.



This is a very rare metal created from a silver-like ore. It is light but strong, and after being forged can rarely be destroyed. It takes a master smith to even begin to make the most basic items with this metal, and very few can forge it into weapons and armor. Elves and Dwarves, having learned smithing long ago from the gods, are more adept with this metal. It is a satin silver color, but can be polished to a super high gloss.

* Amarnium does not affect spellcasting as iron or steel does. A spellcaster can be touching or carrying amarnium and not be damaged during magic use. Normal armor restrictions do apply.

HP: 30 per inch (armor or weapons made of Amarnium have x2 normal HP)

Hardness: 15

Other Bonuses: Weight cut by 1/2

Armor’s Max DEX bonus +2

All amarnium items are considered masterwork.


Type of Amarnium Item Item Cost Modifier
Light armor +1,000 gp
Medium armor +4,000 gp
Heavy armor +9,000 gp
Shield +1,000 gp
Other items +500 gp/lb.


The proper name for the “Wilde Elves”. also see Dwimarvari.

The Anarvari (Wilde Elves)

The Anarvari are a nomadic people. They are herders and merchants, entertainers and hunters. Many of our people have heard legends of the great Wilde elves, who hunt the giant kyzk, but the truth is that most of the Anarvari tribes sustain themselves on their herds of anks, large desert creatures that produce a honey-like substance that they store in sacks around their throats. Traveling the desert, looking for places for their herds to graze, they mostly keep to themselves, though some tribes have become renowned traders. Generally non-violent, the stories of them ransacking towns in the southlands are merely the fanciful stories of country-folk, frightened by the re-emergence of such a foreign people, and quick to blame every misfortune that befalls them on the newcomers.

The Anarvari live in extended family units within a clan, sharing possessions with their larger tribal family. Most live in large round tents, but some tribes live in giant caravan wagons, pulled by orillots. These huge mammals are another domesticated animal of the south, which have armor plating on their backs and form strong bonds to their owners. The Anarvari say they originally trained our own kind in the distant past to care for these giant creatures. In the Ishian Empire, you can find nobles traveling from city to city in giant ornate wagons pulled by a team of orillots—a remnant of what we learned from the elves so long ago.

The Anarvari do not have close relations with other elven nations, keeping to themselves in the southern lands.

The Lands of the Anarvari

In current days, the Anarvari live in the Wildelands between the Kaelnor Forest and the Jal Dur desert. Some tribes still cling to the steppes of the western end of the Wildelands, though most tribes travel back and forth in the plains with their herds of domesticated animals.

The Wildelands is an arid area, covered in short grass and small spindly trees. The flat landscape is broken only occasionally by rock outcroppings or buttes. During the day, the sun warms the plains, but at night, the temperature drops considerably.

No kingdom claims the Wildelands, though the Teredeki elflings have lands in the northwest, and Southkeep is on the border between the Wildelands and the Jaldur desert.

Animal Companion

Animal Companions

An animal companion’s abilities are determined by the adventurer’s level. An animal companion can be any non magical small or medium creature, they just fall under the stats listed below.

Level HD Base Attack Fort Ref Will Skills Talents Natural Armor Bonus STR/DEX bonus Special
1 2 +1 +3 +3 +0 1 1 +0 +0 Link
2 3 +2 +3 +3 +1 2 1 +0 +0
3 3 +2 +3 +3 +1 2 2 +2 +1 Evasion
4 4 +3 +4 +4 +1 3 2 +2 +1
5 4 +3 +4 +4 +1 3 3 +2 +1 Share Vision
6 5 +4 +4 +5 +2 4 3 +4 +2
7 5 +4 +5 +5 +2 5 4 +4 +2
8 6 +5 +5 +5 +3 6 5 +5 +2 Share Mind


Link: There is a link between an animal companion and their partner. A player can suggest an action to their animal companion as a free action, and there is a favorable understanding and bond between the two.


Evasion: If an animal companion makes a successful Reflex save against an attack that deals half damage if successful, the rogue takes no damage.


Share Vision: The player can see through the eyes of their animal companion at will. There are no distance restrictions.


Share Mind – The player and companion share a strong mind link, and both gain a +4 against mind influencing spells and effects as long as they are with 100’ of each other.

Aradan Steel

Aradan Steel

The craft to make this metal has long been lost with the Aradani Kingdom, but some weapons and artifacts still survive from those times. Things forged with this metal were often made to battle the forces of the Warlock King and to this day hold power against the forces aligned with evil. It is a dull grey blue in color, but some swear that it glows in the presence of true evil. If stories hold true, Aradan Steel is especially effective against creatures summoned from the Navirim.

* Aradan Steel does not affect spellcasting as iron or steel does. A spellcaster can be touching or carrying Aradan Steel and not be damaged during magic use. Normal armor restrictions do apply.

HP: 20 per inch

Hardness: 15

Other Bonuses: Weight cut by 1/2

Armor’s Max DEX bonus +1

All amarnium items are considered masterwork.


Type of Aradan Steel Item Item Cost Modifier
Light armor +500 gp
Medium armor +2,000 gp
Heavy armor +4,500 gp
Shield +500 gp
Other items +250 gp/lb.


The Aradani are the lost people of the Aradan Kingdom.

Aradani Family Tree

  • Cellendur and Seless – the First Aradan
  • Alyssa Aradan (Female)
  • Adomar Aradan
  • Jerian Aradan
  • Mirewind Aradan (Female, married Elatram of Seahaven and passed the throne on to Jiladus her brother)
  • Jiladus Aradan
  • Elrandel Aradan
  • Tanduil Aradan
  • Towyn Aradan
  • Toryn Aradan
  • Lyrin Aradan (female, gave up the throne for her younger brother)
  • Giran Aradan
  • Andramar Aradan
  • Aeerumar Aradan (last ruler of Selar Dor )
  • Aires ( took the surname Aravind – ara meaning man vind meaning heir to represent his relation to Aradans)
  • Kadan and Aeerumar II sons of Aires
  • Assorted people in between.
  • Sariiah Truthkeeper ( Her grandmother on her mother’s side was a descendant of a Aeerumar II, )
  • Kaless Halfelf ( half brother to Kad, Father (Kolind) is a direct descendant of Kadan, son of Aires , son of Aeerumar; mother was an elf from Seahaven; extramarital affair)
  • Kad Aradan – Darkwood ( Father (Kolind) is a direct descendant of Aires, son of Aeerumar )

Archbishop Gunderlan

Role in Story: NPC

Occupation: Leader of Unelesia Church of Kowal

Physical Description: Tall, skinny, blue eyes, older

Personality: serious , easy to anger, conniving, smarmy, impatient

Habits/Mannerisms: Dry speech, humorless